Sık Sorulanlar




BELENCO is the manufacturer of natural quartz surfaces with the most advanced, nature-friendly processing plant ready to establish the upcoming trends in every living environment. BELENCO combines natural fine quartz with high technology and innovative designs. We decorate living environments with durable yet luxurious crystal clear quartz surfaces to capture the spirit and essence of pure colors. With our urban beats and revolutionary textures, we guarantee a glamorous    life style. Our promise is to deliver the naturally strong energy of quartz to all our stakeholders. All these make BELENCO the premier choice of excellence for distributors, designers, fabricators and users of sublime quartz surfaces throughout the World. 


What are the crucial attributes of BELENCO products?


BELENCO Surfaces are extraordinarily durable, high technology quartz surfaces, designed to enhance all kinds of living spaces with innovative color combinations and texture varieties. At our production facilities, natural qualities of quartz minerals blend together in harmony with BELENCO’s unique techniques to create masterpiece surfaces. BELENCO lets you take part in creating tailor-made, boutique quartz surfaces of your own inspiration for your personalized living designs. BELENCO is made up of approximately 93% natural quartz aggregates, which is one of the hardest materials in nature, and advanced polymers, making it extraordinarily hard and resilient, even harder and four times more resistant to flexion than granite, and moreover resists staining, chipping and cracking. BELENCO has a non-porous surface that brings the hygiene to wherever it is installed, is very easy to clean and is a charming solution for residential and commercial applications. Furthermore, BELENCO conserves all of its superior features year after year.


In which forms BELENCO products are available?


For kitchen and bathroom countertops BELENCO will be available in slabs or finished countertop, for the shopping malls, hotels, hospitals and bathroom grounds in tiles format. We process the slabs for the convenience of designers, architects and fabricators, so that the end user can apply the finished products.



What is the production process of BELENCO?


At BELENCO, we understand that manufacturing a luxury product requires using a high-end process, so we have invested enormously in our facility’s technology to ensure innovative industry-leading products created according to specific requirements of designers and architects. Sensing the market’s needs and demands, we are collaborating with prominent universities and scientific and technological research institutes around the world. We at BELENCO, pay utmost attention to our products and give immense importance to research & development in all of our projects.


What is the production system of BELENCO? What are the specialties of BELENCO product line?


BELENCO Quartz Surfaces employ the newest technology from Breton, the Italian company that developed state-of-the-art quartz processing technology. BELENCO uses one of the biggest Breton production lines with the latest technology, overcoming all previous constraints in the manufacture of quartz surfaces. With its sophisticated laboratories, R&D facilities, and strong product evelopment focus, BELENCO aims to cater to every need of the discerning customer. All of this is realized in accordance with BELENCO’s principal values which include steady growth via continued investment in human capital, an everlasting pursuit of perfection in product development, true fulfillment of social responsibilities, and a strong commitment to environmental awareness.


What is the production capacity of BELENCO?


With 15,000 square-meter state-of-the-art factory using the latest production line of Italian Breton technology, BELENCO has 550,000 square-meter total annual production capacity in a wide array of dimensions and designs.