Colors in Harmony: Tips on Pairing Countertops and Cabinetry

Look to the color wheel

A designer’s best friend, the color wheel will tell you which colors are complementary, meaning they are opposites on the color wheel (i.e. blue and yellow) or analogous, meaning they are similar and reside close to one another on the wheel. Decide whether or not you want your cabinets and countertops to be matching or contrasting. You can also incorporate neutrals like black, white, gray, beige and brown.

Go bold, but don’t go bold on bold

Make a statement with bright colored cabinets or ornate countertops, but make sure one complements the other rather than competes. Bold countertops with bold cabinets will seem overwhelming and colors and designs may compete with one another. If you opt for bright red cabinets, for example, pair them with simple white or sleek black Belenco quartz countertops. If your countertops are bold with colorful veining or eye-catching flecking, keep the cabinets simple with either white or a natural wood finish.

Go green

No, really — go green! The major trend in kitchen design for 2021 is green kitchens. Green is nostalgic, inviting and earthy. For inspiration from nature, look to Belenco’s product line. The hints of green and luminescence of 3113 Daphne Crack will complement jade green cabinets; fairy tale patterns of the exotic mountains of the east is in 4558 Babilon call for earthy cabinetry. Or, go retro and inspire nostalgia in your kitchen with pastel mint cabinets paired with our 8765 Volcano Black quartz countertops.

Stick with the basics

If bold isn’t your thing, don’t worry. There are many options for a simple and streamlined look. White on white is a clean look that will never go out of style. To avoid looking too plain with this monochromatic look, choose a quartz with veining to add interest to the space. Combining different shades or a mix of neutral colors (e.g. white countertops with gray cabinets or vice versa will also provide you with a clean minimalist look.

Consider lighting and kitchen layout

Small kitchens with less lighting call for brighter colors to help make the space seem larger and brighter. On the other hand, open floor plan kitchens with lots of natural light can still feel large with darker cabinets or counters. Consider the layout and the lighting in your kitchen when deciding on cabinetry and countertop colors.

Select your countertops first

Selecting countertops first will help to narrow the selection of cabinetry which matches. It is easier to choose cabinets that complement your countertops than to choose a countertop that matches cabinetry.

Don’t choose your countertops and cabinets separate from one another

When you make your selections for countertops and cabinetry, bring both samples home and look at them side by side in your kitchen so you can get an idea of how they will look together in the space.

Consider your home’s aesthetic

Is your home traditional? Sleek modern kitchens may seem off if your home is more traditional. In that case, stick with the traditional designs such as natural wood finished cabinets and simple neutral countertops. If you already have a modern minimalist design throughout your home, however, continue that look in the kitchen with bold statement colors and edgy countertops. Consider what style, colors and aesthetic your home already has when deciding on your kitchen renovation (unless, of course, you are planning on renovating the whole house to match the kitchen).