5 Superior Reason to Choose Quartz in Your Kitchen

If there is one thing 2020 has done, it has had us all increasing our hygiene practices. One crucial place to do this — the kitchen. Here are some benefits of quartz countertops in the kitchen, enjoy!

1.The Importance of Being Sanitary

Without proper and consistent cleaning, kitchen countertops are breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. That is why it is the first matter on a clean kitchen checklist. One simple way to make the cleaning easier is by choosing quartz for your countertop surface.

2.The Difference Between Granite and Quartz

Unlike granite and stone, quartz countertops, which is made from 93% natural quartz held together using polymer and resin, are naturally nonporous and never needs sealing to maintain their nonporous qualities. What that means for your health is there are no places that can harbor nasty bacteria, mold and mildew in quartz countertops. Granite and marble surfaces are naturally porous and will need to be sealed and resealed throughout its lifetime. Even with a good sealer, however, granite will still not be completely nonporous.

3.How to Clean Your Quartz Countertop Easily

All that is needed to sanitize quart countertops is a damp cloth and a gentle cleanser, such as dish soap. Maintenance on quartz is easy. And if you’re someone that can be a bit clumsy making your coffee in the morning or gets a bit tipsy after a glass or two of wine, no need to worry. Quartz nonporous nature makes it resistant to stains, so those coffee, wine, tomato sauce or oil spills won’t sink in, even if you don’t clean them up right away.

4. Only Thing That Can Cut It Is Diamond

Additionally, quartz ranks number 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning it won’t chip, crack or scratch, even with years of chopping and cutting. Good thing, too, because scratches and dents offer places for those aforementioned nasty germs and bacteria to fester.

5. Environmentally-friendly and a Friend of Your Health

Another reason to choose quartz for your health is that it is green, too. The Environmental Protection Agency ranks products on its emission of hazardous pollutants, including radon. While granite countertops emit small levels of radon, quartz has little to no radon emission. Not only is quartz easy to maintain, and hygienic, but it also ranks low on indoor pollutants. If you are currently considering a kitchen remodel or new counter installation, and ease of maintenance, hygiene and health are your top priorities, quartz is the superior choice.