New Trend: Kitchen Islands as Dining Tables and Family Get Togethers

Kitchen is A Quintessential Space for Gathering

Quarantine life has had all of us spending more time at home lately. Surprisingly enough, the room I have found myself spending the most time in is the kitchen. When you think about it, that makes sense, though. In contemporary homes, the kitchen serves as a central hub in which life takes place. The piece in my kitchen that brings everything — and everyone — together is the kitchen island. Kitchen islands have been a standard feature in most new build and renovations for some time now. These days, however, islands serve as more than just storage or extra prep space. The new trend in kitchen design is an island as a multi-functional centerpiece — a place for prep as well as dining, gathering and working.

Kitchen Islands Are For Everyone

With the switch to working from home and online schooling, the kitchen island in my home has served as the gathering place for my family. Mornings are spent drinking coffee, reading the news and checking email while the kids drink their orange juice and eat cereal. When their first Zoom class starts, iPads have replaced the cereal bowls. Lunch has become a family affair. Often, I’m in the kitchen preparing lunch on one half of the island as the kids do their schoolwork across from me. That way I am available if they need any help. School breaks for lunch and we all eat together at the island. We eat dinner together at the island as well. And on Friday nights, the island becomes a place for board games and family bonding.

Efficient Use of Space

In recent home renovations, kitchen islands are no longer an afterthought or something merely just added in, but rather, they become the focal point. Thanks to the spaciousness and versatility of open concept living, the island can serve as both kitchen and dining space. This makes for more efficient use of space and fully takes advantage of the multi-purpose and customization benefits of open layouts. A kitchen island that also functions as a dining table can easily be customized to your family’s needs, providing you with a quintessential space for gathering, dining, food prepping and working.