What is Belenco?

Belenco Quartz Surfaces are hygienic state-of-the-art surfaces with nonporous high durability, nonporous texture and high quality polymers (binders) made up of more than 90% quartz, with high resistance against scratching, abrasion, staining and chemicals. Requiring minimum maintenance, it is a surface material with outstanding performance thanks to technical and physical features which facilitates use in kitchen and bathroom counters, floors, walls and facade linings, benches and various special application areas.


To add value to your living spaces, natural quartz mineral is obtained after going through different processes to add a wide range of different colors and surface designs.


Belenco Quartz Surfaces boast each of the outstanding features of quartz, which accounts for more than 90% of Belenco composition. As one of the hardest semi-precious mineral stones, whose solidity rate is 7 Mohs, quartz equips the Belenco Quartz Surfaces with high scratch and abrasion resistance. Thanks to this feature, Belenco Quartz Surfaces remains good as new for many years without being worn out, even in kitchen counters where a great deal of chopping and cutting is made.

It is resistant against staining thanks to its chemical resistance. Materials that can cause permanent staining on other countertops-such as coffee, tea, wine, mustard, vinegar, lemons--do not affect Belenco surfaces.

Since 2011, Belenco produces with state-of-the-art technology of Breton S.p.A., an Italy based leader company of natural and composite stone technology machinery, utilizing fully automated 2 production lines and 3 polishing lines in its factory; which has 36.000 m² of outdoor and 19.000 m² of indoor area in Manisa organized industrial zone. (OIZ). With the added of  27.534 m² new factory space, facility has reached 63.534 m² by 2020.

Belenco demonstrated its R&D and Innovation vision since the first years of its establishment, naming the corporation: Peker Surface Designs Industry and Trace INC. showing that the design is the driving force for the company.

This vision, combined with strong investment policies, has given Belenco the privilege of being the “first” in various fields:

  • 2011: After its establishment, Belenco quickly became the country's most prominent exporter and fashion leader in its sector.
  • 2014: Became the first producer and exporter of ready to be processed quartz surface category with its Belenco Plus investment.
  • 2015: Increased the capacity by 100% with the help of second line investment, and
  • 2016: Partnered with USA-based investment firm Darby Overseas.
  • 2017: Produced Turkey’s first ever long vein quartz surfaces following Robotic Arm investment,
  • 2018: Received the title of being the first R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in its sector.
  • 2019: Partnership was established with Lotte Chemical Group (South Korea),
  • 2020: Belenco’s annual production capacity of 1.200.000 m² will be increase to 2.000.000 m² once the ongoing 3rd line investment put into services in 2020 and will entitle Belenco take its place among the world’sleadinf quartz surface producers .