Quality & Environment Policy


As one of the pioneer companies in the production of quartz surfaces, which are environment-friendly, technological, conscious of their responsibilities against the environment and the society, believing in continuous development, prioritizing quality in the products and services,


  • To reach targets with process approach and risk-based management understanding,
  • To reduce waste and damage that we will cause to the environment to a minimum by keeping the factors that may cause environmental pollution under control,
  • To fulfil the compliance obligations, to carry out the terms related to products, environment legislation and the other ones that the company has undertaken,
  • To reduce the effects that we will give to the environment to a minimum by using the best technology as much as possible during our activities,
  • To enable energy and natural resources to be used effectively and productively,
  • To share environmental consciousness and the work we carry out in order to protect the environment with our employees, customers, suppliers and the society, to enable it to be adopted as the life philosophy, to give trainings which develop depending on the needs in order to increase environmental consciousness,
  • To reduce the pollution at its resource in order to protect the environment, to enable them to be reused and to carry out works to recycle them.
  • To use life cycle approach during the processes when environmental effects can be controlled and affect in order to prevent it from increasing unintentionally within the life cycle,
  • To make contributions to the economy of the country with a reliable and quality resource management in our commercial activities of production of quartz, composite and natural stone product/products,
  • To develop a product portfolio over the market needs with effective R&D studies and to present products exceeding expectations of customers in the world’s quarts surface market.
  • To keep sustainable customer satisfaction on the forefront,
  • To present the products under the guarantee of the company and to be the quality leader in the sector,
  • To comply with Quality Management system, to produce products with domestic and foreign standards, to direct the production capacity of the company according to demands coming from customers and marketing channels,
  • To enable quality specifications to be compatible with continuous improvement culture, to protect the environment, to be a company producing quality products as well as applying activities preventing unnecessary resources from being used
  • To apply requirements of TS EN ISO 9001:2015 VE TS EN ISO 14001:2015 standards updatedly with the participation of all employees.

Occupational Health and Safety

Belenco aims to ensure occupational health and safety as well as continuous improvement of working environment throughout its activities. Therefore, it undertakes to fulfill the following principles regarding occupational health and safety for all its activities:

  • Taking precautions to eliminate occupational health and safety risks,
  • Taking precautions to avoid injuries and health impairment,
  • Continuously improving OHS management and performance,
  • Offering training to raise awareness of OHS responsibilities across the company personally, directly, and also among subcontractors,
  • Reviewing periodically the OHS policy to sustain compliance with terms,
  • Complying with all legal and administrative regulations regarding OHS,
  • Exchanging OHS experiences with public, private sector organizations and NGOs.

Information Security Policy

Belenco has made it a policy to meet the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System in order to manage all risks regarding business continuity and information assets, and to preserve its effectiveness and ongoing development with consideration of existing and potential risks. It therefore has adopted the following 5 items as a principle:

  • Continuous improvement of documents created while building the information technology system,
  • Unconditional compliance with all legal regulations and contracts regarding information security,
  • Awareness of the risks against information assets and systematic management thereof,
  • Undertaking training efforts and activities required to increase awareness of information security,
  • Supporting the assessment and improvement of risks in line with three main elements of information security system—privacy, integrity and accessibility.

Belenco undertakes to ensure integrated management of these activities under the five aforementioned items with other management systems. This is how it guarantees the support of management for continuity of investments required as a response to security breaches which may occur within the organization.