Frequently Asked Questions

BELENCO Surfaces are extraordinarily durable state-of-the-art quartz surfaces, designed to enhance all kinds of living spaces with innovative color combinations and textural varieties. At our production facilities, natural qualities of quartz minerals are blended in with BELENCO’s unique techniques to create masterpiece surfaces.

BELENCO lets you take part in creating your very own customized boutique quartz surfaces for use in your living spaces. BELENCO is made up of approximately 93% natural quartz aggregates, which is one of the hardest materials in nature, and advanced polymers, making it extraordinarily hard and resilient, even harder and four times more resistant against bending than granite, and, moreover, resists staining, chipping and cracking.

BELENCO has a non-porous surface that brings hygiene to anywhere it is installed and is really easy to clean as a charming solution for residential and commercial applications. Furthermore, BELENCO conserves all of these outstanding features for many years.

Belenco Surfaces inspire unlimited creative designs with extra (152x310 cm) and jumbo (165x330 cm) slabs With enlarged slab size of Belenco has now made it possible to cut all countertop surface from one single solid slab reducing the need for seams and eliminating the risk of shade and texture differences between different slabs. It is now not only possible, but also easy to design and apply seamless installations of large size surfaces.

Belenco slabs can be precisely sized to project needs in flooring and/or cladding applications. In addition to standard size of 50x50 cm and 30x30 cm tiles, custommade production is also available.

BELENCO undertook a significant investment in production technology to offer industry-leading innovative products tailored for the requirements of designers and architects. With an awareness of the market’s needs and demands, we are collaborating with prominent universities and scientific and technological research institutes around the globe. We exercise utmost care with meticulous research and improvement in each of our projects.

Producing slabs made up of quartz-based composite stone, BELENCO Quartz Surfaces employ the state-of-the-art technology of BRETON, an Italy-based global leader in quartz surface production. With its sophisticated laboratories, R&D facilities, and powerful product development focus, BELENCO aims to cater to every need of its select customers. This is achieved in accordance with core values that include continuous growth through continuous investment in human capital; an everlasting pursuit of perfection in product development; true fulfillment of social responsibilities; and commitment to environmental awareness.

We, as Belenco, operate and make production in a total of 63.724 sqm area, of which 38.634 sqm is indoor area, with Green Building certificate and Smart Factory technology equipment based on the ‘’ZERO WASTE Target’’ at our two production facilities located at Manisa Organized Industrial Zone and based on ‘‘ZERO WASTE Management System’’ principles in all our office areas.

Ever since our establishment in 2011, our production lines are equipped by the most advanced technologies of the Italian Breton S.p.A, the leading natural and composite stone technology company in the world. With our second production facility commissioned in 2020; we have reached an annual production capacity of 2.000.000 sqm, and we continue our production operations on 3 fully-automatic casting and 4 polishing lines.