What is Calacatta quartz?

Calacatta quartz is a material that looks just like Calacatta marble -a distinct marble type-.  Calacatta quartz color can be defined as clean and bright white but it also has dramatic veining ranging from grey to gold.

The benefit of using Calacatta quartz, rather than marble, is that it offers beauty of marble and the durability of quartz. At a much lower price point, Calacatta quartz texture can give you the same look as marble with added benefit of strength and durability. Due to quartz’s nonporous nature, it is resistant to stains and scratches. Unlike classic marble or granite, it does not need to be sealed, meaning it is easy to maintain. Due to this advantageous nature; this qualified white quartz surface is favorable for countertops, kitchens, backsplash. Also Calacatta bathroom and kitchen are super good ideas.

A person, who makes Calacatta quartz the star choice of the home, will surely appreciate the value of a comfortable life. Imagine enjoying a dinner with friends on the whitest Calacatta quartz or a Calacatta gold veined quartz... Perfect.

When we look over the Calacatta quartz reviews; we see that people use Calacatta tile for a quartz corner in their kitchen, or they like to use Calacatta quartz with white cabinets. Even they are discussing about the best backsplash for Calacatta quartz countertops.

Since we discovered that people love Calacatta in their home; as Belenco we offer two styles of Calacatta quartz: the edgy, yet elegant Calacatta Verona, with its characteristic thick gray veining and the refined Calacatta Venatino, which has more subtle and soft light gray veining. Either choice will give your space a clean and modern look.