We Can’t Get Enough of Awards!

Perla: Creating a charming beauty in your living spaces and characterized with its pearl white natural veins; Perla was awarded with the A Design Award, the most prestigious and efficient design award in the world, in 2017.

Marquina Lavagna: Designed with the marginal touches on the sophisticated elegance of deep black; the international juries presented the German Design Award and Iconic Award in 2020 and the German Innovations Awards to Marquina Lavagna thanks to the value it adds to the sector and its user-friendly characteristics.

Calacatta Veneto: As the most pleasurable interpretation of the famous Calacatta pattern; Calacatta Veneto was awarded with the German Design Award, Iconic Award, German Innovation Award in 2020 and the IDA Design Award in 2019 thanks to its smart and sustainable design.

Kashmera White: Kashmera White, our design that has cashmere appearance with the veins moving harmoniously, received the A Design Award, the most prestigious and efficient design award in the world, in 2019. The international awards that were presented to Kashmera White, in 2020 include the German Design Award, German Innovation Award and Iconic Award.

La Luna: Being inspired from magnificient pieces of whole universe, La Luna was one of the winners at the iF Design Award 2020, the world-famous design competition.

Teos: A' Design Award, the most prestigious and efficient design award in the world, was presented to Teos, which has outstanding veins with natural and fine movements, thanks to its innovative and creative design in 2020.

Avalanche: Avalanche, which adds luxurious and lively atmosphere to the environment through its translucent structure and brings bright and transparent appearance to interior designs as an innovative interpretation, was presented with the ‘Innovative Product in Construction’ award during the 25th edition of the International Golden Plumb Awards organized by Yapı ve Endüstri Merkezi (Construction and Industry Center).

Calacatta Victory: We interpreted Calacatta, the pattern of inspiration to many sculptors, with durability of quartz, our superior technology and Belenco’s unique aesthetic perception. Calacatta Victory, which has been awarded with Paris Design Award 2021, brings quality and aesthetics together in your living spaces.

Iceberg: Belenco gets a prestigious and well-respected design reference and a stamp of excellence from Canada! Belenco Iceberg is awarded in GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN competition by an international jury consisting of leading professionals and academics from around the world.