It is always hygienic
Permanent stain resistant
Ease of maintenance
Finish : Polished

4217 Rapture

It is easy to clean the Belenco quartz surfaces and they are designed to improve your life quality. It is always hygienic due to its stain-resistant structure and it requires very little maintenance. It does not need any protective chemical or polish because it protects its natural shiny look for a long time.

Product Details

Belenco Quartz Surfaces Natural Stone (Granite) Laminate Acrylic Surfaces
Scratch Resistance Scratch Resistance
Flexural Strength Flexural Strength
Rupture Strength Rupture Strength
Resistance against chemicals Resistance against chemicals
Water absorption and porosity	Water absorption and porosity
Stain Resistance Stain Resistance
Hygiene Hygiene
Easy Maintenance Easy Maintenance
Heat Resistance Heat Resistance
Color Consistency Color Consistency

Technical Details

Collection : Belenco® Classic

Finish : Polished

Slab Size : Extra & Jumbo