Employees are Our Most Significant Assets

Digital transformation era has started to play a crucial role in the industry sector. The production sector, which also includes Belenco, generates remarkable results by using integrated state-of-the-art technologies. Due to industrial innovations, increased productivity and ever-changing expectations and global consumer demands; the state-of-the-art technologies that we integrate into our production systems and the changing roles of our employees increase our needs to develop new skills.

For our employees who are our most significant assets ever since the establishment of Belenco; we launched the Belenco Development Academy by using digital innovations and digital tools and strategies. The purpose of this academy is to review industrial developments with a digital innovation perspective in our industry and at our factories, conduct activities that will set an example for the sector and make relevant recommendations. We aim to make sure that the priorities brought into our life by digitalization are in line with the development of all our employees. Thanks to the Belenco Development Academy launched in 2020 as a platform that offers training contents in various categories; we maintain our leadership position in our production processes as well as in our training and development processes in accordance with the modern requirements.

As Belenco family, we will always continue to proceed on the way of excellence in line with our mission.