What is Belenco?

Belenco Quartz Surfaces, which contain over 90% quartz mineral, are very resistant, state-of-the-art surfaces that are made of high quality polymers (binders), with high resistance to scratching and abrasion as well as chemicals and staining, and quite hygienic with their non- porous structure. Used for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops, floors, wall and facade claddings, service and reception desks and various special application areas; they are surface materials that require minimum maintenance and offer excellent performance thanks to their technical and physical characteristics.


Live your style with Belenco Quartz Surfaces which act as an intermediary for the transformation of natural quartz into unique designs in living spaces thanks to its elegance and durable usage characteristics.


Belenco Quartz Surfaces bear all characteristic superiorities of quartz, which constitutes over 90 of its composition. Quartz, one of the hardest semi-precious mineral stones in the nature with its hardness scale of 7 Mohs, supplements Belenco Quartz Surfaces with high resistance to scratching and abrasion.

Thanks to its resistance to chemicals; Belenco is a surface resistant to staining. With this superiority, Belenco does not require any surface protection chemicals.

We, as Belenco, operate and make production in a total of 63.724 sqm area, of which 38.634 sqm is indoor area, with Green Building certificate and Smart Factory technology equipment based on the ‘’ZERO WASTE Target’’ at our two production facilities located at Manisa Organized Industrial Zone and based on ‘‘ZERO WASTE Management System’’ principles in all our office areas.

Ever since our establishment in 2011, our production lines are equipped by the most advanced technologies of the Italian Breton S.p.A, the leading natural and composite stone technology company in the world. With our second production facility commissioned in 2020; we have reached an annual production capacity of 2.000.000 sqm, and we continue our production operations on 3 fully-automatic casting and 4 polishing lines.

Belenco demonstrated its R&D and Innovation vision since the initial years of its establishment, choosing its company name as Peker Yüzey Tasarımları San. ve Tic. A.Ş. and showing that design is the driving force of the company

Thanks to this vision and solid investment policies, Belenco has gained the privilege of being the ‘first’ in many fields:

2011 – After its establishment, the Company became the country’s most prominent exporter and a trendsetter in its sector,
2014 – Became the first producer and exporter of ready-processed quartz surface category with its Belenco Plus investment.
2015 - Increased its capacity by 100% with the second line investment.
2016 – Signed partnership with the USA-based investment company Darby Overseas.
2017 - Produced our country’s first long vein quartz surfaces with the Robotic Arm investment.
2018 - Became the first R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in its sector.
2019 - Signed partnership with Lotte Chemical Group (South Korea),
2020 – Increased its annual production capacity to 2.000.000 sqm upon the commissioning of the 3rd line investment at our second production facility and became one of the leader quartz surface producers in the world.
2021 –As a global brand that is more respectful for our planet, more environmentally-friendly and caring about its employees more; Belenco will soon complete its preparations for transition to the Industry 5.0 concept.