Belenco Human Resources Policy

We are visionaries, who are continuously exploring, developing to create new possibilities and are passionate on their work. We work with high performance and efficiency oriented in order to meet the expectations of our sector and customers securely.

We also follow trends, technological developments and industry standards; we do not want to just adapt to improve the world, we also want to pioneer the change itself.

We start the transformation and reinvent with our human resources that has very experienced people in its field. At our R&D center approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology which constantly creates new solutions, colors, designs, formulas which has a high technology and a first in its sector.

Belenco’s Quality - Design - Technology - ProductivityHuman philosophy is felt through the Belenco Academy in the fields of education and sectoral development.

Belenco Academy

Belenco, as one of the leading manufacturers of quartz surfaces market, believes that there are duties it has to do within its social responsibility mission regarding the development of the sector, creating platforms for all partners who directly or indirectly provide service for the sector to share their knowledge and skills, creating new active and effective employment area and career opportunities, and creating areas that are of special competence and activity for the sector.

Belenco Academy outlined all the activities that will be planned to serve the education and development of the sector and sector elements; as education works, activity and competitions, social responsibility projects, seminar, conference and panels as main lines.

Belenco is working to maintain its success also at the Belenco Academy with its continuous development oriented business model, its facility that has the top production techniques of technology, and the importance it gives to R&D (research and development) and P&D (product development) investments.

Career Opportunities

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