Belenco® Pure
Purity is quality.
BELENCO PURE represents purity with calm and impeccable surface quality. It reflects the same emotion at every area it is used. You may feel as if you are sometimes wandering around the poles, and sometimes around an ancient city.
Belenco® Natural
Reflecting all sorts of characteristics received from the nature, BELENCO NATURAL brings its colors, texture and glow along, as well. Reminds you the beauty and strength of the nature either at kitchen, or bathroom, or a step of a stair.
Belenco® Loft
Who does not want to escape from the monotonous scenery of the city? The incomparable harmony of BELENCO LOFT with wood, metal and extraordinary colors takes you beyond what you imagined. BELENCO LOFT is for those who want to have a personalized style and joyous life.
Belenco® Classic
Classic look is the keystone of architecture of every period. With its rich selection of colors and textures, high performing BELENCO CLASSIC is the immutable option of every period, responsive to impeccable applications.
Belenco® Essential
Develops “essential” solutions for your living spaces. BELENCO ESSENTIAL is one of most important and essential options at the application stage of these solutions. From black to white, addresses the expectations of industry and users.
Belenco® Seta Collection
Feel the silky touch...
Seta surfaces are created for those who want to feel the naturalness in every touch.
Belenco® Prestige
BELENCO PRESTIGE is genuine works developed by the collaboration of our Design and R&D teams.
They are pioneers for interior designers who seek change and genuine solutions for their limitless thoughts.
BELENCO PRESTIGE is inspired by the infinity of the universe. A visual feast, reflecting the most beautiful moments of the nature, sky and stars.