Belenco; is a pioneer company in the field of quartz-based composite stone production, sensitive to the environment with sustainable resource use, giving priority to quality in its products, acting in line with ethical values by giving importance to the development of employees, valuing its stakeholders, complying with national and international legal conditions, other conditions and compliance obligations, applies process management  with risk perspective and goals, committed to working by taking into account the needs and expectations of the related parties.

It provides and continuously improves the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety, 28000 Supply Chain Security, ISO 27001 Information Security, ISO 27701 Personal Data Security and ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems.

Quality Management System;

  • Customer-oriented, taking into account customer expectations
  • Providing sustainable customer satisfaction
  • Targeting to be the quality leader in the industry
  • Using high technology
  • Developing a product portfolio that respects the environment and society

Environmental Management System;

  • Protecting the environment, increasing environmental awareness,
  • Aiming the prevent pollution and reduce its formation at the source,
  • Using natural resources effectively,
  • Constructing the life cycle from womb to tomb,

Occupational Health and Safety Management System;

  • Providing safe, healthy conditions to prevent work-related injury and ill health
  • Working to eliminate hazards and risks
  • Consulting and engaging with its employees,

Information Security and Personal Data Management Systems;

  • Managing risks towards information assets,
  • Systematically improving,
  • Providing confidentiality, integrity and accessibility,
  • Managing information security continuity,
  • Ensuring the security of personal data

Supply Chain Management System;

It is aimed to maintain product/service safety uninterruptedly and appropriately, taking into account security risks throughout the supply chain.

Our expectations from our suppliers;

  • Fulfilling legal requirements, complying with ethical rules,
  • Products and services that meet the desired criteria and meet the expectations,
  • Delivering products and services in a safe, timely and complete manner,
  • Fulfilling all requirements in terms of occupational health and safety,
  • Sensible to the society and the environment,
  • Focusing on customer satisfaction,
  • Providing equal opportunities to its employees,
  • Not employing child-labor or forced labor.

Energy Management System;

  • To ensure that all our energy-oriented processes are managed within the framework of our strategy and priorities,
  • To reduce energy intensity in production and auxiliary operations and to continuously improve energy performance,
  • Providing and disseminating information resources that will achieve the goals and objectives and putting them into practice,
  • Continuous monitoring and utilization of energy efficient products and services,
  • We undertake to comply with all legal and other obligations related to energy.